Celje fair 2019

The GPE team presented itself at the Celje Fair »MOS« at the technology department, within the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maribor this year. MOS is a business-fair event that attracts more than 800 direct and 1,400 indirect exhibitors each year and more than 100,000 visitors. It’s not hard to figure out that we were the only ones who came up with a formula that, of course, attracted a lot of attention. The team members were happy to answer the visitors’ questions, help the younger ones to sit inside for the photo and present the connection between the Formula Student project and technical study to future students.


It all started on Monday, when we took our formula to Celje, to the venue. In the following days, until Sunday, the team members were switching so that two were present each day. The structure of visitors is really diverse; from high school students who visit the fair as part of a school excursion, to companies whose employees attend the fair together, as well as families. During the first two days, the organizers noticed an increase in attendance, but the biggest crowd is usually during the weekend, meaning in the last two days. Visitors come from all over Slovenia and some from abroad (an Italian stopped here). Members were present on weekdays from nine o’clock in the morning until six in the afternoon, on Saturday until seven o’clock, and on Sunday even longer, as we had to clean up the formula and showroom and take it back to Maribor.


Such events are great opportunity to present Formula Student or the Grand Prix Engineering project to the public. Many are amazed and impressed by the students who, in their spare time, put together a running racecar which is participating in European competitions.