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Every student can race with us!



Future engineers, economists, designers and all other petrolheads, beware! Do you know what a Formula Student is? It is the largest international competition for students who compete every year in the production of a race car, a business plan and in racing with this very car built with their knowledge and experience under the auspices of universities and their sponsors and donors. For a successful season, we therefore need students with a wide variety of knowledge and skills.

Students of the UNI MB GPE team invite ALL students of the University of Maribor to join us! Everyone who is interested is kindly invited to send us their request to join to the e-mail address: or to our social networks:

You already know that you would like to join us, but you have not yet decided which part you would like to participate in? No problem! In the following, we have prepared short summaries of each deparment.


In the aero department we study the impact of air on our vehicle. The power of the air is used to produce a force that presses the formula to the ground. This allows us to drive faster through corners and contributes to higher stability while driving. We design and computer-simulate the elements with which we achieve desired effect. When reaching the highest possible speeds through the corners, we must not forget to cool the engine, without which every race would end prematurely. Completely designed components are made in our workshop from composite materials with state-of-the-art processes. In the end, we also physically test the aerodynamic package. 




The economics department covers the finances, accounting and business plan. Therefore, tasks in particular are the preparation of a financial plan, an overview of financial flows, communication with sponsors, the preparation of sponsorship agreements and the preparation of a business plan.

By participating, you can gain knowledge in the field of business associations, practical work in the organization, upgrading the knowledge already acquired at the faculty, and learning about the operation of the business environment. However, it should be emphasized that you make many contacts with companies in which there is also the possibility of future employment.




In order for our engine to roar when the formula is speeding along the track, it is necessary to constantly monitor many parameters in the vehicle and regulate them through various electrical actuators. That is what we take care of at the electro department. It consists mainly of students from all fields of electrical engineering and mechatronics, and their task is the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of electrical and electronic systems for internal combustion cars. 

During last season we completely redesigned all areas of the electrical system, and the goal of this year’s season will be to realize these designs and implement them on the latest racecar. Thus, this year’s season will be perfect for new members, especially those who are interested in programming in the C language, working with the Altium program and creating a wiring that connects all systems. 




Suspension is a part that connects and transmits forces from the racetrack to the chassis and has the greatest impact on how our race car behaves on the racetrack. Within the suspension department, we plan the geometry and kinematics of the chassis, simulate the driving dynamics of the vehicle and use FEA simulations to find the easiest design for individual components. Our work also includes adjusting, testing and finding the current optimal suspension settings on the racetrack. 




What drives a carbon frame across a plane and over bends? Internal combustion engine!

In the powertrain department, the goal of our development is to squeeze every drop of power out of the KTM 450. From the air intake itself, the fuel injection and its explosion to the exhaust and the transmission and laying of power on the runway. Students learn about the operation and mapping of the unit, the design of the transmission, exhaust and cooling systems and much more…



Like a real company, our team has all kinds of channels that serve to communicate the team’s efforts to the general public and our partners. Members of the PR team participate in managing social networks, creating promotional material, preparing posts for the website, recording promotional videos, making team clothes, preparing promotional events and presentations, and many other activities. In this way, each PR person creates their own portfolio, which reflects their knowledge and skills. The latter separates him from the average when looking for a future job. The PR department is for anyone who is at least a little creative and communicative, or who wants to become one. 




The chassis actually connects all other departments. Monocoque may not seem special on the outside, but inside it has a range of different fillers and layers of carbon, which provide it with high strength at low weight. The set also includes safety elements such as rollover arches, a cockpit and a crumpled zone.

The work on the chassis department includes an abundance of modeling of both simple and complex shapes and strength analyzes. Physically, there is a lot of work with composites and with the preparation of cores, for which we use CNC machines. We also use material tests, which confirm our design. Our set is suitable for anyone interested in working with composite materials, surface modeling and strength analysis.