Formula Student Symposium

On the last weekend of November, we attended the Formula Student Symposium event, which usually takes place in Győr, Hungary, but this year it was moved online due to the circumstances. The purpose of the symposium is primarily to share the experiences of various experts in the world of automotive engineering and thus discover new opportunities for improvement. We were able to listen to 12 lectures, given by 11 speakers, by team members from all over the world. The tickets for event were provided by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Maribor, for which we thank them. Listeners were also able to actively participate and ask questions. A cherry on top for our team was that one of the speakers, Owen Carless from the Red Bull racing team, included us (and Slovenian flag) in his presentation. Thanks to excellent presentations, we were able to deepen our knowledge of vehicle dynamics, composite monocoques, internal combustion engines, electric vehicles and team organization.