Rollout 2019

Rollout is done! And it was a smashing succes. After a tremendous amount of effort and work put in during long days and nights, our knowledge and dedication paid off so our new car was ready to be introduced on Tuesday, April 4th in the almost full hall of Maribox cinema. Nik Strozak, team leader of Grand Prix Engineering Formula Student team, gave a warm welcome to sponsors, faculty personnel, family and friends, which was followed by a more detailed introduction of each car.


The CV team leader Andrej Košir introduced the formula with an internal combustion engine powered by a mixture of ethanol E85 which produces 48 horsepower, while engine redlines at 10k rpm. It accelerates to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds while maximum speed is 120 km/h. This years car, which was nicknamed Sasha, also has better aerodynamic than last years, as it is 17% more efficient. The formula weighs 158 kg.


The electric autonomous formula team was led by Miha Kitak and Primož Sagmeister. Using FLIR camera with a resolution of 808×608 it recognizes the cones and lines on the track which make the car fully capable of autonomous driving . It can reach up to 120km/h and weighs 200kg. Its power is limited from 100kW to 30kW. Its Li-ion battery operates at 118 Volts.


During development the formula got a suiting nickname – Barbi (eng. Barbie).
The official rollout presentation was followed by a catering and after that team members had a picnic in the workshop.
You will be able to root for the Grand Prix Engineering team during the competitions in Hungary (17.7 – 21.7) Germany (5.8 – 11.8) and Spain (20.8 – 25.8).